Frieze 1: „What really matters“
The Mosaic at the western facade is dealing with basic conditions of our life. Like it’s predecessor it is organized in three parts (click to enlarge).

  • Comparison: Old vs. New
    Here the great changes of our life since the sixties become most obvious.



  • Left: We and our children
    To raise our children is our profoundest duty, but also the greatest joy and satisfaction of everyone in our country. With devotion and sacrifice we dedicate ourselves to this honorable task, in a small family as well as at school.


  • Middle: we’re developing
    The constant development of the way we see the world, ourselves and our society, but also the compatibility of different ways of life is symbolized by the couple in the middle.



  • Right: productive? creative!
    In the sixties we focused mainly on rebuilding the city and on food supply. Modern Berlin builds more and more on creativity. Former industrial buildings now are used by artists and media companies.


Just like the old mosaic, the new one fits decoratively and informative in modern Berlin’s appearance. We are confident that the new berlin mosaic will attract many eyes of locals and visitors from all over the world.


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